Saturday, 30 January 2016

Heading to T.O

Today we're heading off to the big city! Well, Toronto. Just for the weekend.

My friends daughter is turning one and she is having quite the shindig for her.

Gone are the days of making sure I have enough underwear and wine and I'm out the door. I spent all of yesterday (and some of the day before) planning and packing for Daphne. Highchair, pack'n'play outfits for 3 days, extra socks, snacks, toys...I already have three bags packed for her. Lists and lists and lists.

Will and I are rushing today to make sure we can clothe and (somewhat) clean ourselves while were gone. It's funny how it takes 3 times longer to pack for a 27lbs person as it does for 2 full grown adults.

Also, I'm pretty sure we wont find much food on the way that D would find suitable so I've got lunch and snacks in a cooler ready to go.

I'm going to have to sleep on the way cause I'm exhausted from all this planning!

I am very excited to see them again though. I think it's been a whole year since I've long.

Should be a fun weekend!!! Hopefully I have some pictures to share when we get back :)

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