Saturday, 27 February 2016

Silly Baby Face

Sunday, 21 February 2016

A Short and Icy Adventure - in Arnprior!

We are lucky enough to have a trail really close to our house. It's too far to walk Daphne there (the trail isn't stroller accessible) but it's only a 5 minute drive.

We decided to take her over there last Sunday to run off some energy and enjoy the weather a bit.

She really does love being outside...unfortunately the trail was really really icy that day. It was hard to keep her upright. So we had a little stroll for about 20ish minutes...then mommy got freaked out by a large trail of blood heading out of the path so we left. Took a little drive around Arnprior and headed home.

Ginger coconut curry for us and a grilled cheese for Daphne. Bedtime was not much of a fight that evening.


Friday, 12 February 2016

Planning our Road Trip

All of the lists.

We are planning a road trip in April to visit my sister and her family in Alberta. It's a 34 hour drive so it will be quite an adventure. Don't worry, we are planning to do the drive over 3 days. Although, with a baby it will still be crazy.

First day we are going to make it to Thunder Bay (we hope), second day to Regina (probably) and third day to my sisters place just outside of Calgary (for sure). So I have been furiously looking for hotels in those places that offer free breakfasts. Free breakfasts is what we are a little money...

Also planning to pack a cooler filled with snacks, fruit, water, granola bars and sandwiches so we wont have to pay for lunches. We can find a nice area of grass to eat and let Daphne run some energy off.

Can't forget: lots of toys, books, colouring for Daphne...and a charger for our phones so when all else fails she can watch Bubble Guppies.

Its going to be a crazy long 3 days but so worth it. I've seen my sister only three times since she moved to Alberta over 4 years ago...and I've only seen her husband and my niece and nephew twice.

Too long. Way too long.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Chocolate Banana Porridge

Sometimes on a cold an snowy day there is nothing more than a hot bowl of porridge to get the day started right. 

I decided to try something a little different this morning: chocolate, banana, cinnamon and honey.

It was really really good. It's hard for me to type this but it may have been just a bit too chocolaty. I used a heaped tablespoon for one serving but I probably only needed a teaspoon.

Hubz and Daphne also really liked it...which is great cause it was fast and two favorite things.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Exploring Hamilton

We decided it would be less stressful on all of us if we stayed an extra day so we had a little free time on our hands. Heather had mentioned before (once or possible ten times) how beautiful the waterfalls are in Hamilton so we figured we might as well check them out. It would tire Daphne out and I'm always up for a walk in the woods.

We're not too familiar with Hamilton so we figured it would be easier to just pick up H and her dog Atlas and have them escort us around her favorite spots.

I can't remember the name of the first place we went but it was so pretty. Very mild out as well so D was able to trek around the rocks and roots for a while before we had to head back to the van.

We went to a second waterfall but the path leading to it was slippery and D was FINISHED with nature by that point. It was nice to be able to spend a couple hours with Heather in her natural habitat, :)

We may have even gone back to her place and drank some of her

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Gabby's First Birthday!

Packed up the car around 9:30am and we were off to Ajax for Gabby's first birthday!Usually takes us about 4-5 hours to get there...Daphne makes that decision. This was a good drive though. I drove to the OnRoute in Trenton and we stopped for half an hour to stretch our legs and have something to eat. Will took over the driving from there.
I forgot to pickup a card for G so we had to hit up a Shoppers before we went to the venue so unfortunately we were a little late...

There were a bunch of kids there around Daphne's age and she loved following them around and kicking the balloons around.

There was lots of food and cake and chatter. It's always great to have a chance to catch up with friends. As expected, Mandi was busy with the party so I didn't get to talk to her too much, which sucked. But we tentatively planned another KFB weekend in May so we can get our lady loving in then.

Daphne passed out about 13 seconds after we left the party...just after 5pm. Slept the whole way to Mississauga. Slammed down a banana and passed out by 6:30pm. A couple of glasses of wine and we were also ready to pass out.

Great party!