Friday, 12 February 2016

Planning our Road Trip

All of the lists.

We are planning a road trip in April to visit my sister and her family in Alberta. It's a 34 hour drive so it will be quite an adventure. Don't worry, we are planning to do the drive over 3 days. Although, with a baby it will still be crazy.

First day we are going to make it to Thunder Bay (we hope), second day to Regina (probably) and third day to my sisters place just outside of Calgary (for sure). So I have been furiously looking for hotels in those places that offer free breakfasts. Free breakfasts is what we are a little money...

Also planning to pack a cooler filled with snacks, fruit, water, granola bars and sandwiches so we wont have to pay for lunches. We can find a nice area of grass to eat and let Daphne run some energy off.

Can't forget: lots of toys, books, colouring for Daphne...and a charger for our phones so when all else fails she can watch Bubble Guppies.

Its going to be a crazy long 3 days but so worth it. I've seen my sister only three times since she moved to Alberta over 4 years ago...and I've only seen her husband and my niece and nephew twice.

Too long. Way too long.

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