Thursday, 30 June 2016

Fencing us in...

I was planning on documenting the whole fence building process...but in the interest of full disclosure I'll tell you that my mom and I left to go shopping while they were setting the posts. But we got a couple of outfits for D, a much needed hat and a gingham romper for Canada Day. So we all had a successful day!

First day was done!

Posts were set and my dad came back the next day to put the cement in. It was too hot and muggy to finish that the same day.

Of course Daphne entertained herself in the sprinkler!

We filled the holes in after the cement set over night and the next weekend my dad and hubz finished the fence!

I am more than excited to finally have this finished. Daphne is so curious (and fast) it will be nice to be able to turn around to do some gardening and KNOW she is at least in the yard somewhere when I turn back around!

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