Friday, 1 May 2015

Lists, Packing and My Nudist Baby

When we visit my parents we make sure to be able to spend the night because it is a full day’s worth of planning to get us all out there.

Diapers. Monitor. Sleep sheep.
Enough sleepers for unexpected but probable rear end blow outs.
Formula. Soother.
Blanket. NO! Not that blanket! She hates that blanket right now!!!

I have given myself two weeks to get her packed for our out of country vacation.

Cause every time I start trying to get some things put together and before I know it were back downstairs, shes naked, and I'm covered in pureed peas. GLAMOUR!

I'll just collect the bathing suits and dresses and ...oh no shes eating cat hair off the floor. I should have vacuumed that.

I know my mom mentioned in one of her blogs a little while ago that D really liked Mum Mums. Those things are a total life saver sometimes! Two mum mums gives me enough time to do some dishes or eat something!

So I have been trying to use them as a distraction while I try to get things together for her. They work to an extent. The biggest drawback is if you give her one in her room you spend the next 4 days picking crusty mum mums out of the carpet. It's much safer on the kitchen floor.

And more fun...there aren't any wooden spoon/rubbermaid drum sets in her room.

It's not fair to blame her, though. I get distracted playing, tickling and cuddling. She's too much fun!

Who could resist?

I'm sure I'm better prepared than I think I am. I have three lists and one checklist of the lists to complete. 

Oh god, I'm my mother. Ok, start calling me Susan. I'm a goner.

--Siobhan xo

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