Monday, 9 November 2015

Fuzzy Chairs, New Ride and a dinosaur attack

My hubz has just made me a cuppa and I'm sitting here reflecting on the last week or so. Seems like we have been so busy! I mean, we are always pretty busy with Daphne. She is very active and demanding but soooo dang adorable.

Daphne did get to spend an evening with Nona and Bapa, which I know she really enjoys. I miss her but it gives me a chance to clean the house and myself.

We also had a lovely visit from Mimi and Opa. They brought over some cake and we had a cup of tea and chatted for a couple of hours. They also brought Will's telescope and his old rocking horse.

Oh and a few boxes of (mostly) crap but we found a few gems. Some hockey cards, this magnificent tyrannosaurus and lots of pictures from his childhood.

Will took Monday off for...well no reason we could have a long weekend. We got lots of shopping done. Made our way into toys'r'us and found this really soft chair for MacGuffin Daphne. 

She has taken to pushing it all over the house and putting it in the MOST convenient (can you feeeeel the sarcasm?) spots. No no I can't imagine I would need to get into the freezer while making dinner. You just relax right there, little lady.

Found this AWESOME wrapping paper while picking up a few groceries at Walmart...and with that my Christmas theme has been decided! At least for the presents. I have a few other ideas swimming around this big ol' head of mine for the house and tree.

And last but not least a sneak preview of the new addition to our family. Her name is  Zelda and she is awesome. I will reveal all her glory in a later post. To be honest it's just too dark out to take any pictures of her right now. 

I hope you all have a great week! 

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  1. That crap was my childhood! Kidding, Archie comics didn't really shape my life that much :P