Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Consistant and Persistant

After many many months of struggling to get my wild little lady to nap...some of which I documented here almost a year ago...we have recently entered a new phase in her sleep life.

She now goes down for a nap with zero fussing, same with bed time. She sleeps for an hour and a half MINIMUM at each nap and has even had a few three and half hour naps. For some I'm sure that seems like nothing special but after 12 months of being slept on this is a major accomplishment.

She goes to bed every night between 6:30 and 7:00 and sleeps for 12-14 hours. She has always been a terrific sleeper at night though, it was the napping we struggled with.

As we speak Daphne is sleeping peacefully in a toddler bed. A FUCKING TODDLER BED! She can get out any time she wants to and SHE ISN'T!!!

Life is so much easier with a couple hours in the afternoon to nap, eat, poop or just catch up on social media.

I'll tell you one thing I'm a hell of a lot cleaner now that she's napping. I may even find time to do my nails once and a while *GASP*