Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Culinary Tour of Arnprior- PJ's

Our first stop on this "culinary tour" is PJ's restaurant on Madawaska boulevard. Originally opened in 1968 it has been a staple favorite in Arnprior since then.

At least that's what the website says. Looks like a Kelseys to me. On the first page of there website they promote how large the portions are...you know your getting quality when your known for how much food they pack on your plate. They also claim to be famous for there pizza and "flavour crisp chicken"...whatever that is.

So I guess you can tell I had no expectations before we ordered from PJ's. The menu is huge and they give you shit loads of food. Not a recipe for a quality meal in my mind. Also, you can't order off the regular menu if your getting take out or delivery. So almost every single meal that could be considered somewhat healthy is not available for take out. Disappointing. Guess I'll have to order that FOURTEEN DOLLAR Greek salad.

So we decided to order a small pepperoni pizza and a turkey sandwich to share. It was hard to decide what to get because everything was SO EXPENSIVE! Just an order of onion rings costs $8.95. A large Margherita pizza is $20.95 (before tax). The small pepperoni we ordered cost $11.95 before tax. Compare that to PizzaPizza where a small pepperoni costs $8.60 before tax or Dominos at $9.74 before tax.

The pizza was good for the most part. What is that saying? Pizza is like sex. When it's good it's good and when it's bad it's still kinda good. It was full of cheese, which is great...but I'll pay for it later with a sacrifice to the porcelain gods..sorry TMI. I had to scoop off probably a tablespoon of extra sauce that exploded out the top when I bit it...gross. The dough was soft and thick. I'm sure some people love that but I'm a thin and crispy girl. Or at the very least thick crust that doesn't droop when you hold it up.

The turkey sandwich was....well...sliced turkey, mayo and lettuce on Dempsters. Boring. Atually it was probably Miracle Whip. I've never had Miracle Whip but this "mayo" was a lot sweeter than any mayo I have ever had.

I'm glad we tried it. It reminds me of a Perkins... they can probably do bacon and eggs really well but stay away the rest of the day.

Overall I wouldn't recommend it. It was pretty greasy and the portions weren't even that big and I can get a sandwich double the size at Subway (with actual vegetables on it) for less than $6.95.

This is all the food we got for approx. $22. Not huge portions as they are known for. It was basic food, nothing special and way overpriced. I'm not sure why they are so popular around here.

Delivery was fast though.

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