Sunday, 3 July 2016

Road Trip to North Bay

Will and I hadn't been away, just us, since our honeymoon! That's dumb. So we decided to take a wee road trip up to North Bay! I went to school there and it's only three hours from where we live now.

So we drove up in the afternoon, got all checked in and immediately went on a little walk downtown to show Will all the local hot spots. The LCBO, the corner I almost got arrested on, my old apartment, the pizza place I got fired from and the Mac's. Thrilling.

Went to dinner at Greco's. Loved this place when I lived here and it did not disappoint this time.

After dinner we went for a walk to the waterfront. It has been completely renovated since I lived there. So gorgeous! We walked around for almost an hour before retiring back to our room for some wine and a hockey game.

The next morning we checked out of our room and headed to my old campus Nippising/Canadore to show him is.

I don't think they use the buildings we lived in anymore. They were very broken down but it was cool to see it again. 

This is my old townhouse for first year. I have some excellent memories here.

Right before we headed home we checked out Duchesnay Falls. Lot's of cool places to climb and see the water.

And we got out before the shad flies. Yay!

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