Saturday, 24 September 2016

Progress in Lady D's Room

We finally got Daphne's room painted! Settled on mauve for the walls after 2 or 3 last minute changes of mind. It looks great and it's going to go perfectly with the decor I've picked out so far.

Still have a few more things to pick up but we have lots of time. Thankfully my parents have a dresser that they are no longer using and is already painted the colour we want. Thanks ma and pa!

We still don't have the floors installed. It's been 3 weeks since they were ordered so I think the company is just dragging there feet at this point. I was ok with the delay cause it made it easier to paint without having to worry about the floors. But now that the walls are all done I'm a little perturbed. I'm gonna pull out my best "don't fuck with me" voice and see how quickly they get done. Wish me luck!

Once the floors are done the contractors will be back to install the trim, electrical stuff and ceiling light. Then we can finally start moving stuff in. Everything is living in our room right now and I'm getting pretty sick of looking at it scattered everywhere!


  1. im obsessed with those decorations!!!! i want a pic of the wall colour!!

    1. we don have an overhead light installed yet so it's impossible to get a good picture of the walls :(