Saturday, 4 July 2015

Kitchen Chalkboard DIY

Remember a few months ago (read it here) when I got a dressing table for my bedroom and it came with a cracked mirror. Well IKEA gave me a whole new mirror with frame so I had a very large broken mirror in a very nice frame laying around my bedroom. I do recall saying I was going to do something crafty with it but I have big dreams and they don't always go as planned.

But this time I actually did something crafty!

And here it is.

Will and my dad verrrryyyy carefully took the mirror part out of the frame without getting shards all over my house.

My dad was nice enough to cut me a back piece and my mom painted it with chalkboard paint.

I bought a dark purple spray paint/primer combo at Walmart and spray painted it one weekend.

Now I have a lovely chalk board to hang in my kitchen so I'll stop forgetting what day it is!

-- Siobhan xoxo