Thursday, 23 July 2015

Alberta Kiddos

Really is it only 2 and a bit weeks???
Why does it take so long for something we look forward to so much to come?
And then POOF it has come and gone.
The kiddos are such fun and so smart ....
No really I know your grand children are smart and all but mine ... well ... they are exceptionally so.... :-)

A lot and I mean a lot of Duplo.
They both love to build with the stuff.

Of course there was the compulsory Play do and colouring.

Puzzle putting together was very high on the list too.

And ya know after a hard day of Duplo a beer is all a girl needs  LOL


A day trip to the Royal Tyrell Museum in Calgary.
Wow ..... If you ever get to Calgary GO!!!!!
The kids were fascinated by all the fossils and bones and asked lots of questions.

Well maybe there was one little meltdown......

But a silly hat made things better

Yes I did LOTS of this......

We stopped at a water park on the way home.  It was so hot Holly and I got in too. We hiked our dresses up to our knees. when the kids saw this I guess they thought this is how we do it so they hiked their shorts up.
 Adorable right?

Of course there was pizza makin with Bapa .  Now Bapa really enjoys this pizza time it is difficult to get the dough just right. So he let them make "their dough" while he made THE dough... What a smart Bapa .....


Cuz nuthin tastes better than your own pizza.

End of PART one

Coming soon.....

A Pirate birthday party

A trip to the Zoo


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  1. They are so cute. Glad you made some fun memories for all.