Thursday, 13 August 2015

A Pirate Birthday

We made sure we were in Strathmore for the kids 4th birthday.

Glad we were there cuz it was a Pirate Birthday ....
who doesn't like a good  walk the plank
eye patches for everyone

Yummy chocolate surprise cupcakes.
The surprise -- a reese's cup in the middle.
Altho it didn't turn out as surprising as we thought.

 Lots of argggggh ing

And Pirate booty  .......

And the party ended with a quick dip in the pool!!

It was a beautifully hot day and everyone enjoyed the cool water.

Altho there are no pics to prove it . Holly and I may have enjoyed the pool as well .....

Kids had an awesome time ....

Hey wait a minute they are FOUR!!!!!!!!????????

ciao for now

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