Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Nap Training - Day 1

Alright…nap training…it’s time we do this. Cuddle naps will be no more…or only for when we’re not feeling well. Mommy needs to reclaim her lap and lady D needs to learn to put herself to sleep during the day.

Hoping this goes well…she sleeps 11-13 hours a night so if she cuts off 2 of those nighttime hours and adds them as daytime naps I would love that. Maybe then she could be awake late enough to have dinner with us. I would LOVE that!

 I don't really know how you are "supposed" to do this...but since I know she can put herself to sleep I think were just gonna grit our teeth and let her cry it out...

Day 1 - MONDAY
Her sleepy ques are hard to miss and by 8:30am she was on the way to overtired town. Took her up to her crib at 8:30am.

I rubbed her back and hair for half an hour before my legs got sore my crouching and my tits hurt from leaning over the crib.

She cried for about 2 minutes...hard...and then I heard the Jocelyn (what we call her soother) hit the ground.

I went up laid her back down, rubbed her back for a minute and left again.

She cried for another 7 or 8 minutes and then was quiet (I assume asleep or on the way there) by 9:15am

Awake at 9:55am. I let her cry for a little to see if she would put herself back to sleep...she didn't. 

Around 12:10 she started getting sleepy again so I took her upstairs for another nap. 

I had to go in about 14 million times to lay her back down.

She cried for an hour and a half. She finally settled completely (from what I can tell) around 1:45...for 30 minutes. ugh.

Cross your fingers for longer naps tomorrow

But I still think I can call this -

Mommy - 1
Lap Naps - 0

-- Siobhan xoxo