Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Christmas Fail Excuses

So I probably shouldn't have so openly announced my baking plans...it feels like I jinxed myself by doing that.

Of course....OF COURSE...I came down with a really shitter of a cold. 12 days before Christmas. And man, oh man, does this thing not want to let go. It's always those damn coughs that hold on the longest.

So of course my grand baking plans have gone out the window. I'm not even going to try to get it all done because I would be rushing and not enjoying myself.

I did, however, get my cheater truffles done the day before this cold hit me really hard.

I'm pretty happy with them.

Now wish me luck shaking this cough off before the big day. Thankfully the hubz is always at the ready with tea and meds for me. And my mother-in-law came in today to play with Daphne for a couple hours so I'm using this time to get this post up and have a wee rest.

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