Saturday, 5 December 2015

Plus Size Problems

I am a plus sized lady and I have no problem with that. I have a few stores I know fit me well, and are the kind of style I'm in to.
Heather, Kathy and myself at the Parliament Buildings

I actually like Forever21 but I do have a few complaints. Yes, the clothes are poorly made and last about a year...but you pay $4 for a tank top and what do you expect?

No, my complain is more style oriented. There was a time...years ago...when I fit into the normal regular  not plus sized section of Forever21. A lot of there clothes were way too young and scandalous even for Siobhan at 23, but the selection is huge and if you pick through you can find some real jems.

Now the plus sized section is a different story. They add about 1-4 new items per day...I'd estimate the not plus sized section gets 1-2 pages of new clothes. And some of the options...oh lord....

Oh ya! Horizontal stripes! Every curvy girls dream! There are way too many striped clothing options.

Plus sized and insecure? Try letting your tits out...that should help. Ugh.

Aaaaand I'm 8? 

Could this be flattering on anyone? It's hideous!

F21 is for a younger audience... do you see plus sized girls under 21 excited to get this crap?

I know Old Navy gets a bad rap but they do have one major benefit to curvy girls! The "regular" styles are also sold in the plus sized section! Who knew you could just add some fabric and sell the same shirt to a bigger girl! There bathing suits also fit really well and the baby clothes are really awesome. 

Reitmans is also an excellent store to find clothes, coats and accessories. I haven't tried them out yet but I have also been told ASOS is very good. They ship from the UK but they have an excellent plus sized section.

Now onto the most important question of my life...can a tall thick girl wear a poncho? Please say yes...

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