Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Recipe RAGE!

So I don't normally use cookbooks when I'm cooking, but I did get a really nice Indian cookbook for Christmas a couple of years ago. I flip through it occasionally because the pictures always looks so nice.

This last time I was snooping around the book I came across a recipe for balti chicken in a spicy lentil sauce. Because I love trying Indian food and lentils are SO friggin' cheap I already had everything I needed on hand for this recipe. 

Thats being said... nothing makes me ANGRIER than when a recipe CLEARLY has not been road tested.

Everything was going as planned. Dhal was perfect, chicken was browned and yummy looking. Then came this strange step where I was supposed to add 1.5 cups of water. I thought it was weird, but I wanted to follow the recipe since I had never tried it before...

Why don't I just follow my instincts?

It turned out so watery! It looked like chicken drowning in vomit. Clearly no one has cooked this recipe. At least not the way it was written.

It really did piss me off. It probably tasted fine but I was so put off by the texture I didn't even want to try it. 

We salvaged the chicken (chicken ain't cheap!) so I'm hoping to try the sauce again and just put the chicken in to reheat.

My god does that anger me! How dare you publish a cook book without ever trying the recipe! I followed that goddamn recipe exactly as written and instead of a thick yummy curry I was left with barf soup. 


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