Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Broccoli/Quinoa/Cheese bites

In an effort to get D to eat more veggies I have been looking up lots and trying lots of recipes. To be honest, not many of them were very successful...until I found this recipe.

I tweaked it a little, of course. I added close to three cups of broccoli, little parmesan, and removed the cayenne. I also blended fresh broccoli until it was like sand instead of chopping it. Daphne, as with most children I assume, is very put off by a lot of textures.

Very easy to put together...took 15 minutes to cook the quinoa and 3 seconds to prep it and put it in the mini muffin tins.

They came out so nicely. Crunchy on top and soft in the middle. Very cheesy but the taste of broccoli was still present. It complimented the nutty quinoa quite well.

Will and I tried them fresh out of the oven and decided if D didn't want them we would make quick work of them. Well she loved them! hurray!

They are perfect for her dinner: quinoa, broccoli, cheese and egg...an excellent balance. And she ate four. FOUR! I was very happy. Must try them with all the veggies I can think of.

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