Tuesday, 22 March 2016

My Vegetarian Week

I was a vegetarian for over 15 years...until I got pregnant with Daphne. The need for meat was unstoppable.

I have thought about going back to being a vegetarian but at this point that would mean making THREE dinners every night. Will would eat vegetarian but it ends up being cheaper to fill him up with chicken then to try to feed him enough chickpeas to keep him full.

So I decided we would be doing a one monthly vegetarian week.

This month the meal plan includes:

Black bean chili
Vegetable stir fry
Fusilli Alfredo with vegetables
Black bean and corn fajitas
Naan pizza (not sure of toppings yet...probably mushroom and peppers)
Sweet potato and chickpea Buddha bowls
And one evening of just store bought appetizers

We'll see how this goes. Thankfully it will be warm soon and it's A LOT easier to eat vegetarian during the summer. At least I find it is. Make a quinoa or chickpea salad full of veggies for me, and throw some BBQ'd chicken or pork on it for Will.

At this point my need to include a meat free week is both out of my guilty feeling for eating meat and also for our budget. It's definitely cheaper to buy for the week when zero meat is included.

I'll try to post some pictures at the end of the week. I'm especially excited to try the Buddha bowls. I've never heard of them before but apparently they are called that because they are meant to be overfilled and round like Buddhas belly. I'm probably going change it up a little but I'm using THIS RECIPE as inspiration for mine.

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