Sunday, 15 February 2015

Another cold one...

Well it's another freezing cold day in O-Town!

We had plans to do a few things out of the house today...not sure we will be getting them done.

I wanted to go to Ikea to get a lamp and a toy box for Lady D. She has decided that being in a bunting bag/snow suit is actually the worst torture on earth (worse even than loon sounds AND the food processor). So for now we bundle her in sweaters, hats and blankets when we go out...I'm not sure that will be enough to keep her warm when it's -40C!

So we shall send trusty husband to the grocery store to get food for today and tomorrow, and Daphne and I will stay in and watch movies in our dinosaur jammies!

I'm probably okay with that.

Yesterday we braved the (slightly less) cold day and got some food for our v-day dinner. On the menu: steak, cheese/garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus. We had to high five each other many times cause we achieved a perfect medium rare! We. Are. Amazing.

For dessert I made a flourless chocolate cake/tart/brownie thing. I'd never done a flourless cake before so I'm not sure how it's supposed to taste or what texture it's supposed to have but it tasted awesome I would call it a success. I topped it with a chocolate whisky sauce and fresh raspberries. I also made white chocolate truffles as a backup, man were those RICH!

Probably going to do an easy dinner tonight...and go to bed RIGHT after The Walking Dead.

-Siobhan xo

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