Sunday, 8 February 2015

Enough Already

Okay enough is enough!!
Supposed to drive the 40 minutes in to see our Miss D today  
But snow and blowing snow has kept us home

So here I sit watching stupid movies , doing a bit of crocheting for a local widlife sanctuary .
and eating ginger snaps.

Its mid afternoon and I figured I should at least put a bra on and wash my face.

HB just came in from his second foray of cleaning the driveway.
Hopefully the snow plows will stay away for a bit.

A quick Korean beef stir fry for supper tonight.

Keep my friend Deb @ Just Cats in your thoughts . She said good bye to her sweet Lily just last week..

Ciao for now


  1. I love that you two have matching tops. haha! So damn cute. Thanks so much for your nice comment on Lily. I keep looking over at the fire-place and can't believe she's not there. But, just like all the others, it was her time and it was out of my hands. This was a tough one as they all are. I'll miss her so much. I'm with you on this ' I've had enough with winter' stage. Hasn't it been a terrible one? Nasty.

  2. Yes, that photo of you in the matching tops is so cute. Looks like winter is hanging around your house too. It's a totally damp, bone chilling 29 here today with fits and bits of freeing drizzle and/or snow so tiny you can hardly see it. I have cranked the heat up to 71 (one more notch than normal) and am still chilled. The north wind is really blowing too. That's probably why it I'm feeling so chilled in the house.