Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Oscar Night!

Since I've lived at home with my parents we've always had a tradition on Oscar night. It involves a little friendly competition, fancy outfits and, of course, lots of food.

The first year I was dating Will he couldn't make the 45 minute drive to my parents for the night so he sent in a mail-in ballot with his predicted winners...well he CRUSHED all of us. I hate to call him out as a sore loser but a certain someone may or may not have taken Will's predictions outside and set them on fire. But we always have a good time!

I have carried this tradition (the food and predictions, not the arson) into my own little family. Since I am such a cat lady I even fill out predictions for our cats. Mulligan picks the obvious winner (always trying to please), MacGuffin picks the long shot (always a pain the ass) and Shelley...well she's there.

I usually like to make lots of dips/spreads and stuff to dip. On the menu this year: hummus, basil pesto, soft goat cheese, and a roasted garlic yogurt dip. And for dippin': roasted artichoke, meatballs, lots of veggies, baguette. Oh and prosecco...but that goes without saying!

Finished off with some "cheater truffles." I found the recipe on another blog and for the life of me I can't remember which one. It may have been Greens&Chocolate.

They are basically just Oreo's pulverized in a food processor and mixed with cream cheese and covered in white chocolate. Not that real truffles are that hard to make but these are a lot less labour intensive.

As for our predictions we had a three way tie for winner between Daphne, MacGuffin and myself. Guess we are going to have to see Birdman...they did really well this year! Taking both Directing and Best Picture.

No pictures of us. We don't have the energy to dress up anymore, so we watched in jammies. 

But here is Daphne gorging on apple and yogurt before bed!

-Siobhan xo

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