Friday, 20 February 2015

Formula Questions...

As I’m sure every breastfeeding mom does, all I did was worry about how much Daphne was eating. Sometimes she would eat for an hour and half and then be hungry again in twenty minutes. Sometimes she would eat for ten minutes and be good for two hours. HOW DO YOU KNOW!? I’m no control freak (I typed that with a straight face) but that drove me crazy.

I was more than pleased when I switched to formula that I knew exactly how much she was eating at every feeding. Although that started a whole new group of questions.
How much should I feed her?
The same amount each time?
More at night?
Less at night?

Warm? Cold? Room temperature?

So I found a few websites that agree about one thing, less food at night will help encourage your baby to sleep through the night.

Apparently once they hit 11lbs (she hit that a while ago) metabolically speaking babies don’t “need” feedings at night anymore. Well I’m waiting for when they come to explain that to Daphne, because she did not get that memo. So we’re trying their suggestion. Six ounces during the day and two or four ounces at night. She's not too bad at night but if we could cut out one feeding it would be a nice reprieve.

Parenting is such a guessing game sometimes, and there is always someone saying what you’re doing is wrong. It’s terrifying.

--Siobhan xo

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