Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Artichoke/Mushroom/Chicken Alfredo

I finally found artichoke hearts at my grocery store! That probably isn't as exciting for you as it is me, but if you'd ever been in the local grocery store here you would be pumped.

So I grabbed a couple cans with no real idea what I was going to do with them. Until last night when created the most delicious, most filling, most artichokey dish I have ever made. Yum.

So I sauteed mushrooms, onion, chicken and the artichoke hearts together with salt and pepper. I decided not to add any other flavours because I am a HUGE fan of the taste of artichoke and the pasta it was going on top of had lots of flavour.

I made a basic Alfredo sauce with a butt load of pepper and garlic.

The combination of flavours really worked together. I did plan to mix it all together but lets be honest....I made too much food and I literally didn't have a pot that would fit it all. But it worked out just serving the Alfredo on the side. 

T'was yummy. Will make again.

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