Monday, 30 May 2016

Finally got some hanging baskets!!

My neighbour has some beautiful hanging baskets and I can't be the ugly ducking on the block, can I? So Will and I trudged off the garden centre and picked up two beautiful hanging baskets of pansies.

No idea what these bushes are in front of my house but they are the prettiest colour right now!

Daphne's mimi gave us this colourful little windmill to brighten up the front. Very sweet of her.

I may have also come home with a couple of 3. Fine four. FINE IT WAS LIKE 5 OR 6 HERBS, YOU GUYS! STOP JUDGING ME!


  1. You love herbs! Pansies are beautiful...
    Enjoy your week..
    Linda :o)

    1. i have like a teeny tiny control problem when it comes to buying herbs lol
      thanks, you too!