Saturday, 11 April 2015

Ready for Sunshine!!!

I think we're all ready for a little bit of sun and heat. Especially in the area we live in here at P&PD.

We may or may not be getting ready to take a wee vacay to somewhere sunny. And someone I know has been super spoiled by Nona and Bapa and is now SUPER DUPER prepared for vacay AND summer!

Yup, you guessed it. It was not I who was spoiled. 
Why can't adult clothes come in easy to buy sizes like 29-31 adult??

She got shorts, dresses, bathing suits, onesies, pants and tops! I had laundry to do anyway so I layed all her new stuff out (what a haul, eh) to take all the tags off and D decided she needed to inspect everything. 

And boy did she. I think everything got the seal/stamp/drool of approval! 

My favorite purchase by Nona! This is from Joe Fresh and it's the cutest thing I've ever seen!! I'm not a fan of those super pink and girly bathing suits nor do I like the idea of her wearing a two piece. And gah, shes so cute in it! All those leg rolls!!!

Nona also got some sunscreen for her! Gotta protect that delicate skin.

Daphne approves of this only as a chew toy.

She also got a super cute little sun hat. Can't be too careful with a baby in the sun. Especially by the water...we may or may not be close to water soon.

See? It covers her whole face. No sun can get her!!!

And this amazing headband that matched one of the dresses she got. But let's be honest, what DOESN'T this go with. Exactly.

She played with the clothes for almost 40 minutes.

Apparently it was hard work!

"Is it my turn?"

Yes of course,'s always your turn.

--Siobhan xo

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  1. Oh, how cute is she. I guess you're never too young to be a beach-babe. Hope you guys have a great time. :)