Monday, 20 April 2015

Spring Cleaning

Call me LAME I can take it....
I enjoy spring cleaning.
The smell of fresh air wafting thru the house.
Vinegar and lemon are my favourite fragrances at this time of year.

Well maybe the sweet smell of my new candle melts ---- ginger lime.
Sparkly baseboards and uncluttered cupboards make me happy...
Nothing quite as satisfying as taking a brand new denture toothbrush and
 a baking soda slurry to brighten up the bathroom grout..
Of course my girls --- altho do not like all the hub bub of this cleaning ritual --- love the open windows ...
They are pooped by the end of the day after chattering incessantly at the Grackels and Starlings that have invaded the bird feeders right now

Don't get me started on clotheslines full of flapping freshly laundered sheets ........
And then ending the day with a wee knitting project on the beach.....

Or maybe just a cup of tea on the deck

Uh oh I think I need to think of spring cleaning my stash (not a pic of my personal stash but pretty darn close )

ciao for now ---


  1. Uncluttered cupboards sounds wonderful. I wonder how long it will take before mine are a mess. haha! It's raining here this morning so we are back to adding trim again. I much prefer working outside. I look out these windows and visualize gardens like yours someday. :)) I have some morning glories sprouting in the kitchen window and wild flower seeds ready to plant. Pretty funny that stash...not far from yours, I'm sure. :)

  2. I'm not a knitter but i do have a craft cupboard that's turned into a craft corner that's turned into a craft...area. Explosion is more like it. I'm convinved I might use any of it at any time!