Friday, 17 April 2015

Victory and Green Jackets

So this past weekend was the Masters Weekend

Now I am not I repeat am not a golfer but HB is pretty avid.
So he had a brilliant idea of having Siobhan (the other half of P and PD) Will, and Miss D
for supper.

I am always up for a theme party.
Even better we were able to have a self imposed long weekend.

Will took Monday off so they were here for 2 nights!!

Saturday we ate pizza and watched our Ottawa Senators win their game to sneak into the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Us hockey fans are pretty stoked as this team was kissing the bottom of the barrel but after a coaching change and stand in goalie ( who has surprised EVERYONE) they are on their way.....

Sunday after a light breakfast @ 44 we took a wee walk down our lil downtown

Being Sunday and us being a small town no shops were open
But our lovely café The Good Food Company was
Miss D enjoyed watching all the people and REALLY enjoyed listening to all the conversations

We enjoyed delicious coffees and some at the table enjoyed  a bigger breakfast

Once we got home it was such a gloriously warm and sunny day we pulled the chairs to the patio and had our John Daly's there ( 1 and a half ounces of vodka equal parts iced tea and lemonade topped with lots of ice)

Of course it all tastes better in a mason jar .... I think I have found my cocktail glasses for summer ....

Even Miss D enjoyed a bit of outside time in her "baby jail"

Our Masters meal

Grilled turkey Burgers ... with green salad tossed with walnut oil and balsamic .... shoestring fries

Turkey Burgers
ground turkey
1 egg
small handful of bread crumbs
1/3 cup or up to you chopped sun dried tomatoes
same amount of crumbled feta
salt and pepper

And Siobhan made these awesome lemon cupcakes with vanilla buttercream icing topped with a raspberry.

And Miss D has discovered Mum Mums..... From the excitement that happens when she sees them I think she likes them..

ciao for now...

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  1. PepiSmartDog: Hey great post! Mom plays golf so she always loves the Masters!
    Looks like you all had a great time - especially with those nommy cup-cakes! *drooling*
    Super cute bubba !!!
    Thank you for joining our Thankful Thursday Weekly Blog Hop.
    I look forward to reading what fun you got up to this week. *waves paw* :=o)