Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Stupid Easy Mixed Berry Puffed Pancake

Good Morning all!

I hope all your days are starting out magically! My day has been full of meal planning, baby cuddles and swiffering. Oh, the glamour! 

Typically when I do my meal planning I only plan for dinners. Will eats leftovers for lunch and we're lucky to have time to jam a banana in ourselves in the morning. 

I know I know, "breakfast is the most important meal of the day"...If you can arrange to come hold my baby every morning I'll be sure to eat a gourmet breakfast every day ;)

But when it comes to desserts I don't even bother.  I am not what I would describe as a dessert person, well I wasn't at all until I got pregnant and for some reason dessert still keeps arriving at my face. It's rude to turn it away, no?

So the other day I saw this really easy recipe on the What's Up Mom's YouTube channel for a puffed apple pancake. It seemed too easy, lol, so I had to try it.

I am not, I repeat NOT, a fan of hot/warm fruit desserts...but I thought if I switched the apples for mixed berries and cooled it before serving it might be downright edible. Apples would be good as well, I suppose, I just didn't have any on hand.

It's a pretty basic pancake recipe poured into a hot cast iron dish that already has sizzling melted butter and berries in it. The same kinda way you make a yorkshire pudding.

It comes out all puffed up and sizzling...

And slowly falls into this masterpiece.

Served with some yogurt mixed with honey and cinnamon and sprinkled with brown sugar.

Someone had seconds...shocker!

I'm sure you could make this with peaches, banana, mango, pineapples. I'm going to have to make this again. 

It would be great if you had company for breakfast as it makes a lot but is not very labour intensive. Or served warm with vanilla ice cream for dessert...if you're into that warm dessert thing. 


-- Siobhan xo

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