Thursday, 8 October 2015

Nap Training Update

We're now well into week 3 of nap training and we're making progress.

She now only cries 1-5 minutes after you leave her and I never have to go back in.Unfortunalty she's only sleeping about 40 minutes per nap.It also seems she's trying to tell me she only wants to nap once a day. Damn. I will miss that second nap. But whatever is best for her.

I did cave today. Yes, I did. She slept for about 50 minutes in her crib and then got up. She didn't want to eat, she had a clean bum, but she wouldn't stop crying. She was pulling her hair and digging at her ears. Poor girl. Those top two teeth are moving in and she just wasn't having it today. 

So after 40 minutes of inconsolable crying I took her up to our bed and laid down with her. It still took her 10 more minutes of crying, head stroking and cuddles before she fell back to sleep...for an hour and fifteen more minutes. She needed it and I'm willing to bend when she really needs those cuddles and comfort. 

There are a lot of changes happening at home (this happened before we moved into the new house) and mommy has been a little stressed about it all so that might be part of why she hasn't been taking long naps. 

Once we are settled into the new house I'm hoping she starts taking longer naps. Having a nice big backyard to tire her out in should help. I hope.

--Siobhan xoxo

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