Thursday, 1 October 2015

Day in Brockville

We decided to take a wee break from regular scheduled programming and take a little day trip
And we thought our favourite Arnprior girls could come along.
After a bit of investigation we thought Brockville (Ontario) would be a lovely spot to walk thru the streets and have a bit of lunch.
Altho there were a few pretty areas we were very disappointed in the "historic" downtown.
Yes there were lots and lots of historic plaques but there were no quaint shops to explore.
All we found were Chinese restaurants, pubs, Thrift stores, and suspect looking nail and hair salons.
One saving grace was the Buell Street Bistro

We sat on the patio.

Sipped a glass of Pinot Grigio, ate a chicken club panini, and watched Miss D colour and do some people watching.


We were going to just beaver home when I thought "Hey we are close to Merrickville ----- Home of the famous Mrs McGarrigle's.

Let's GO!!
So we did.
What fun.
My one heartbreak is that Miller's Crossing is closed . It was such an awesome shop full of interesting little do dads.:-(
But we checked out above Mrs McGarrigle's and may have bought a thing or two.
There is also a fabulous Christmas shop

 and at this time of year they include Halloween too. Halloween is Siobhan's fav time of year so she was very happy.....

Bapa and Miss D shared some ice cream while momma and I looked around.

Then it was home to Arnprior ----- a Domino's pizza ---- half a movie ---- then Nona and Bapa headed home.
It was a fabulous day. Everyone was pretty pooped but happy.....

Hope you all have had a great week.

ciao for now


  1. These are fun days, for sure. It's lots of fun exploring little towns. Merrickville is a favorite. :)

  2. I know what you mean, about disappointing small towns...
    At least you had a nice lunch, and browsed in the Christmas store! spent the day with your sweet grandaughter!
    Linda :o)