Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Vegan Cucumber Mint Smoothie

I seem to be on quite the kick these days of drinking and especially trying out new smoothies. I have one every single morning for breakfast. Daphne loves it and it's the only tried and true method I have found to get spinach inside her body.

One afternoon, after I put D down for a nap, I was snacking on some cucumber and cruising around the internet. I am obsessed with looking up the health benefits of foods, so of course I looked up cucumber. Not too much information I wasn't already aware of: lots of fiber, helps with inflammation etc...but that's how I stumbled across the idea to make a smoothie with cucumber in it. How could I have been so blind...so ignorant..so blissfully unaware!?

So for my first attempt I used: cucumber, mint, apple, spinach, honey, chia seeds, ice cubes and enough water to get it to a smoothie consistency. This time I tried it with all the skins on, they do hold a majority of the goodness of fruits/veggies, so although all the recipes I found online had the cucumber peeled I wanted to try it my way first.

And here is the result:

Really good. Daphne liked it. Needed more mint, though. I really like that there is a faint taste of cucumber throughout it. Very refreshing. Put some vodka in there and I'm ready for summer! It's definitely a hardier texture than a fruit smoothie but that's how you know it's good for you, right?

I will be making this again, for sure!