Thursday, 11 August 2016

Don't drink the water...

My hubz and little lady have flown the coop. Off to spend the next 2 days with Mimi and Opa (hubz parents.)

So I'm sitting here with a muffin (or two...I'm real hungry) and a big cup of coffee. A big cup of coffee made with bottle water. I don't know where you're reading from but if your in Ontario you've probably heard about that small town outside of Ottawa who isn't allowed to touch the water. Ya...that's where I live. No drinking, watering, bathing, laundry...the ONLY thing we are allowed to do is flush it down the toilet. I have to admit I felt pretty posh brushing my teeth and washing my spoon with bottled water. 

We had some excellent luck and had just filled the 6 liter Brita the night before so we have only had to pick up a 24 pack of water bottles so far. I hate water bottles. So much waste. But we don't have much of a choice right now.

Coincidentally we already planned for D to be with her grandparents so at least she will be able to play in the sprinkler and have a bath. 

Water is supposed to be cleared by Friday at 5pm...but that's tentative. We really have no idea how long this could go on for. And they refuse to tell us what is in the water. Just that there was a loss of pressure that compromised the water. 

They also did a piss poor job of telling people. Apparently the water has been compromised since 8:30am yesterday and I didn't hear about it util almost 1pm...when my husband heard it on the radio. Took the town until 5pm to confirm the water my daughter and I had been drinking all day (the Brita water from the night before) was safe. And if I didn't hear about it until 1pm I'm betting there were may elderly people who had no idea at all. Very scary.

But for now I'm drinking my posh coffee and watching the Olympics. Our town in completely sold out of water but thankfully hubz works in Ottawa and can pick some up there...may have to pop into the parents house to have a shower though...

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