Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Lemony Paneer Curry

I saw this recipe at CURRY AND SPICE a few days ago and I put it in the back of my mind for something to try. Our grocery store doesn't sell paneer and although I have made it before I enjoy the convenience of it already being made for me. So I waited until we were able to get into the "big city" and picked some up.

Head over to CURRY AND SPICE to see a more detailed recipe.

I have had mixed results with recipes where the tomatoes are supposed to "melt" but this one seemed to work out very well. I tried to follow the recipe she posted exactly but I don't have lemon or lime leaves so I just used a peeled the rind off a lemon and let that cook in the sauce for a bit.

Turned out really well. I made it exactly as she wrote it (other than the lemon and lime leaves) and there are a couple of tweaks I would make to suit us. Next time I would probably make it with chicken as well. Paneer is hard to find and the store bought stuff isn't that good. I also think it could have used just a little bit of spice. Just a kiss of heat at the end.

Will definitely make this recipe again. Took probably 20 minutes total to make, which is perfect for those night it takes 2 hours for your daughter to go to sleep and it's all of a sudden 9:45pm and your like "guess we should eat something."

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