Tuesday, 23 August 2016

I love these summer days...

These summer days are the best.

We had a leisurely breakfast follow by colouring pretty much everything I would allow her to colour. Then we read every single book we own....twice.

A quick snack of apples and she was on the go again. Outside this time to get some play in before the UV got too high. Sliding, running through the sprinkler, investigating the garden. It was a lovely day. Really hot and sunny but the humidex wasn't as bad as it had been.

After at least an hour Daphne started to slow down and eventually crawled over to mom for a snuggle. So we came inside for some Paw Patrol and a snack. She chugged a big glass of lemonade and was ready for her nap.

The afternoon consisted of laps around the kitchen, endless Itsy Bitsy Spider/Wheels on the Bus/If Your Happy and You Know It renditions, and of course more colouring.

Excitement for when dad arrives home...and he even bought me a book I had been looking for. What a swell guy.

Grilled cheese for the lady and artichoke linguine for the larger humans. Daphne always heads to bed around 7pm and I always feel like I could follow right behind. I managed to stay up and watch some Olympics with the hubz before passing out.

These days go by too quickly...the summer will be gone before we know it :(

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