Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Culinary Tour of Arnprior - Krave Bistro

I was very interested to try Krave Bistro. It looked super cool through the windows and the menu was intriguing. Coincidentally my mother-in-law decided she wanted to try it out for her birthday dinner. I was pretty excited. It's only a 15 minute walk from our house...although it was 32 degrees the day we went so we drove....too hot for Daphne....and mommy.

The restaurant is very trendy. Brick walls, old Coca Cola and wanted posters on the walls. The ceiling fans are even unique. So, you could say I was very into the decor.

Red pepper and feta dip
The service was very friendly and attentive. It was shockingly busy for a Tuesday night and with only one server working the service was understandably a little slow. But we weren't in any rush.

Baked Ravioli
We ordered two starters. Baked ravioli and a red pepper and feta dip. Both were incredible. Agreed by all. The ravioli was crunchy on the outside and full of molten cheese. It came with a little bowl of marinara to dip them in. The red pepper and feta dip was creamy and sweet. Served with tortilla chips and triangles of naan bread. I probably could have eaten just that for dinner and been happy. The portions were significant.

For dinner I had a skillet mac'n'cheese. Half because I wanted pasta and half because I wasn't sure Daphne was going to eat her dinner so I wanted to have a back up. She ended up LOVING the waffle fries they serve so I had a load of leftovers to bring home. Like I said, the servings were huge but the quality didn't suffer...although I do think they could have put more cheese on the mac'n'cheese.
Skillet mac'n'cheese

Montreal burger
My husband, Will, had a Montreal burger and a poppyseed salad. I didn't try his burger but it was a massive patty topped with smoked meat, swiss cheese, and Dijon. He didn't have problem putting it all away so I think he liked it.

I didn't get any pictures of my in-laws food...not sure if they wanted to be included in the blog...but there were rave reviews from across the table for the fish taco and the brie burger.

They also serve breakfast....and I am really into breakfast...so we will HAVE to go back. I'll be honest we didn't pay for the meal so I can't speak too much to the total cost of 5 people eating, but the pries on the menu were incredibly reasonable.

No complaints at all. It's nice to see a trendy delicious restaurant in Arnprior. There are so many dark watering holes and fast greasy garbage restaurants here...we deserve some quality.

And BONUS: I love how they serve pop in glass bottles....