Wednesday, 2 September 2015

An Anniversary and a Birthday

Hey y'all
Just a quick post  --- to celebrate HB's and mine 37th wedding anniversary

37 reasons I love you

-rub my feet when they are offered

-waits “patiently” while I shop at Michael’s

-is a terrific Bapa

-makes sure there is a bottle of pinot grigio in the fridge

-makes great Saturday pizza

-loves the kittys even tho he pretends he doesn’t

-keeps our gardens weed free

-always encouraging with any hair brained ideas I come up with

-will watch an old movie with me over and over

-always looks for a western to watch on Saturday morning

-tells me I am beautiful even when I feel yukky

-is a great Dad

-does a great job vacuuming the family room

-makes sure the cats boxes are clean and the girls have fresh water

-makes a monster mega block and Lego tower

-bakes terrific bread

-knows every bird I have seen on our trips

-we go on Starbucks dates

-loves teaching the G kids how to make pizza

-does a “mean” All around the Mulberry Bush

-loves his vanilla ice cream

-enjoys entertaining friends

-takes me to Ikea—I think he secretly enjoys it  LOL

-loves to BBQ

-enjoys Scrabble night – even if he doesn’t win

-does a terrific pumice on my feet

-doesn’t get upset when I fill in the wrong answer in pen in his crossword

-looks good in his driving cap

-he knows there is a difference between crocheting & knitting

-has a terrific sense of humour

-we take spur of the moment adventures – altho it has been awhile

-drives me wherever – cuz he knows I dislike driving

-loves a good blow em up movie…. See below

-loves an intellectual documentary,,, See above

-he laughs at my jokes

-LOVES his family and friends

-would do anything to bring happiness to above
And our oldest daughter turns 32 today
Happy Birthday hunny....

We are going out for dinner at a Tapas Bar with our bestest friends.
Champagne Cocktails for ALL!!
Have a drink for us.....
ciao for now