Sunday, 27 September 2015

Swiffer Sheets


Yes yes I do ..... and therefore love cleaning supplies.
My heart races at the thought of a new vacuum or new cleaning spray
Of course I have my favourites but am not going to endorse any commercial product...
I do rely heavily on homemade solutions too ... can't go wrong when you have white vinegar, lemons, baking soda. and Dawn dish detergent. (I know I said I wouldn't endorse but Dawn IS a terrific grease buster)
Okay one more ----- I love my Swiffer.  I have mostly hardwood and laminate on my main floor and I have 2 pussy cats.
So I am pulling out that Swiffer every day sometimes twice.
I also want to do my part for the environment so using the Swiffer sheets a couple times a day was a concern.
I searched Pinterest and found a few patterns for crochet Swiffer sheets.

After trying a few I improvised a pattern that works for me and I have also made a few for Siobhan.
Good or Bad I have passed this cleaning obsession on to my girls.

I used one skein of Bernat's cotton with a 5mm crochet hook (one skein makes one sheet)

Chain 56
Single crochet in each chain turn; chain one, skip next single crochet    ,crochet for 15 rows or 4 inches or desired width (you will need more cotton if you make them longer or wider DUH :-)
Fold one end over by 10 single crochets (making a pocket for the Swiffer) and sew or crochet sides.

Do the same on the other end.
I single crochet all around the finished sheet .

 You don't have to do that .....

I am thinking these would make a nice housewarming gift with a Swiffer and maybe a few crochet dish cloths to match !!

One skein Bernat's cotton and 5mm crochet hook
Chain 36. Turn. Skip next single....
Single crochet til desired width or just use the whole skein .
It gives you a nice size cloth .....

ciao for now

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