Tuesday, 29 September 2015

A Day of Failures (kinda)

Last week I decided to try two new recipes in one day. First up millionaire shortbread- shortbread with caramel and chocolate on top. 

Sounds so easy, right?

Oh look, I made shortbread...successful start to the recipe.

Caramel done...only took 35 minute longer than the recipe said it would. Thanks food network. I'll never trust you again.

Doesn't that look nice? All ooey and gooey and sugar coma inducing.

Well all the short bread fell off the bottom when I removed it from the pan. All of it. I was left with caramel chocolates. 

No one complained. It was delish. But not what I wanted to make. But yummy.

Next up...I failed at black bean burgers. What an encouraging day!

Black beans, carrots, onion, garlic, mushroom and some spices all mushed together into patties and baked. I followed the recipe exactly...since I'd never made it before. 

Everything fell apart on the baking sheet. Eventually I got frustrated and mushed the remains into a pie dish and baked a bean pie. That kinda worked out. I managed to cut it into pie shapes to serve Daphne for dinner.

Semi-edible, yes?  
She hated it. After all that, she hated it. 
Didn't eat any. 
Toddlers, right? What can you do?

My husband says they aren't really failures since they were both tasty, they just didn't turn out the way they were suppose to. 

Part of the thing I love about cooking is being able to change recipes to suit my abilities and tastes. 

I'll probably try the shortbread again but I think I'll leave the blackbean burgers to the vegans. #porkburgersforlife

Leave a comment and let me know what you failed at today.

--Siobhan xoxo

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  1. my bean burgers usually stick together (i fry mine instead of bake) but the one time i switched out my binder...i used almond meal instead of bread crumbs and they fell all apart, even before i could get them into the fry pan! i told my husband to get out the tortilla shells....we were going to have meatless burritos instead! (which btw came out really tasty!!) :-)