Thursday, 3 September 2015

Nap Training - Day 3

So begins another nap training day.


Again, around 8:30am (she's like clockwork in some departments) she was yawning and desperate for nap cuddles. 

I took her upstairs, gave her a snuggle and a back rub and left.

Had to go in four or five times to pick up Jocelyn and/or give a back rub for comfort.

She screamed. She wailed. She whimpered. She complained. For 45 minutes.

Asleep(or maybe just quiet) 30 the most. 

One day I'll grow a set and go up to make sure she's sleeping. For now, I'm just enjoying having my hands free for a little bit.

Second nap same as the first. A little bit louder and a little bit worse.

Took over an hour before she settled.

Should I actually use the word settled? Probably not. She didn't make any noise for 30 minutes but I really don't think she actually slept.

Well another day down and still no good long naps in the crib but we shall trudge on. 

I've got 30 years of stubborn on this girl. She shall not out-stubborn me!

--Siobhan xoxo

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