Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Enjoying the Warm Days

Daphne has really been enjoying the warm weather, as have I. Its nice to have all the windows open, eat a little lighter and wear a lot less clothes. 

One of Daphne's favorite brunches. Keeps her full for the inevitable play time at the park.

I usually try to get her out in the morning after her first nap. She's full, in a great mood, and it's not so hot yet my thighs stick together yet...so we both enjoy it.

She loves the swings, the slides, crawling full speed across the field and of course eating the sand. Healthy.

All that fresh air really did her in...

So we tucked her into bed and made a spicy sausage/feta/red onion pizza to share. :)

Kinda hot to have the oven on but I must confess we ate this around 9pm so it had cooled down substantially. Also, pizza is always worth the heat.

--Siobhan xoxo

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  1. I almost lost my coffee at Daphne's sleep photo. So funny!