Friday, 5 June 2015

Friday with the Fam

Took me a whole week to get to this post. Daphne really doesn't seem to care about the blog...humph.

Had my parents over last Friday for a visit with D and dinner. 

There is a restaurant in the states called Chipotle which I hear a lot of people are totally obsessed with. One of the dishes on there menus is called a Chipotle Bowl (I think...) which is basically a taco on I decided to recreate it. Kind of.

I used that idea and made it my way. With slow cooked pulled pork, coconut lime rice and lots of fresh veggies. Sriracha for kick and a yogurt/chili powder/garlic sauce to top. Everyone seemed to like it. Especially the yogurt sauce...which was the easiest part but I also think the dish would have been lost without it.

For dessert ma brought angel food cake, strawberries and cream. Yum.

My dad had spent about an hour that afternoon cleaning my backyard up for me and Daphne had a good 30 minutes in her pool. She passed out quick and we gobbled this up real fast.

I'm having my friend, her boyfriend and their daughter over next weekend and I think I will make these again. Quick, yummy, they will feed a crowd, and I don't have to have the oven on. Thank god for slow cookers. 

--Siobhan xoxo


  1. Looks delish and always fun to see Miss D.

  2. I think you may be referring the their burrito bowl. We always enjoyed it until one day we just didnt feel like leaving the house and made our own......haven't been back to Chipotle since :-) Your's looked really tasty!

    1. Burrito bowl! Thank you, I knew I was close but wrong, lol.