Friday, 26 June 2015

Knitting and Crocheting Projects

So according to my profile I am a knitting addict ....
But I have been lax about posting any of my projects.
I have just finished a big blanket project for Miss D

it is the same  Ripple Pattern  I used for blankets for Miles and Riley I did last year.

I am also working on a couple more blankets
A crazy ripple one and
a traditional granny square.
Over the  years I have made lots of baby sweaters , socks, mittens
as well as Christmas mittens for grandchildren and other people's grand children and children.
right now I am working on ankle socks.
I am not a fan of acrylic yarn but have used it in different projects because it is easy to throw in a washing machine and if you want a dryer.
I cannot lay that guilt card on a new mom "you HAVE to wash this by hand and block it and let it air dry"
I discovered Red Heart sock wool that is 70% superwash wool and 30 % nylon.  Again if I am making socks for the grand children they have to be easily washable.
Of course I love working with wool wool.
and occasionally I have invested in yarn straight from the spinner .... even meeting the sheep the wool came from.
It feels so good and the oils feel fantastic on your hands.
I have always been a Kaffe Fasset fan. and have done one big project from one of his books.
I was thrilled to find sock yarn with his name on it.

Well imagine my disappointment when I started the socks and found the yarn very course and not pleasant to knit with.
HB says he doesn't mind the feel of it so maybe I will whip a pair for him.

Right now I am learning the German Cast On.

Click here for a you tube video of the German Cast On

 I understand it is a great cast on especially for socks.
I also want to do a project with a cable stitch. So many projects .....

I have also been trying to find out about Berocco Remix yarn. 
 Just want to know has anyone tried it and if so what did you think?  I have a sweet sweater pattern for my grand daughters and that's what it uses.

Leave a comment and let us know you were visiting....

ciao for now

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