Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Gordon Ramsay Inspired

Well I am going to start by saying I am NOT a Gordon Ramsay fan.
There I said it ......
Blasphemy!! I know.

But the other night I was doing some knitting and HB was watching him.
I heard Gordon say "bruschetta" and "risotto"
Two of my favs.
He toasted slices of ciabatta brushed with garlic oil

Spread the toast with a ricotta herb mixture --- I added a bit of garlic to the mixture.
Topped it with slices of grilled zucchini.

Then he made a roasted beet risotto -----
Wellll I am not a fan of beets and the colour the risotto turned was terribly unappetizing to me.
So I roasted asparagus spears with olive oil sprinkled with good ole S and P

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ciao for now


  1. Enjoying! :-) still have to try the zucchini chips that were posted awhile back...going to try cooking them out on the grill in a pan...dont need anymore heat in the house blah

    1. Thanks for your comment doo. Grilling them should work. I would give it a try :-)
      I wish it was too hot here ---- too much cool --- and way too much rain....