Thursday, 11 June 2015

Friendship and a Canopy Installation

Another wonderful weekend @ 44.
Friends were wanting to sell a patio canopy in lieu in getting an upgrade.

HB and I have been chatting about getting one to extend our sitting time outside
What a windfall for us...
and all we had to do was have a terrific evening with them with good food and fabulous wine.

 HB  was totally in charge of dinner.....
Started with crackers topped with fig goat cheese and a piece of bacon --

BBQ Steaks
Homemade pasta with pesto made with basil from the garden
Wonderfully roasted veggies
Homemade bread ---- a new one he tried --- Filone

So they showed up with the canopy in hand ... a bottle of cote de Rhone .... fresh baked muffins.
Then to make it even better Paul arrives in the backyard with all the tools to put it together....
True true friends...

Yes I made cheesecake topped with a mango sauce and rascal berries....

Now you say what could possibly top that ...

Yup a weekend with our Miss D.
She is cruising now and it appears in no time those first few tentative steps are just around the corner.

Sunday it was pizza and yup she was right there chewing on Bapa's homemade za..

And ice cream for dessert....

We get to have her visit us ALL next weekend....
Nona and Bapa will be pooped .. but happy..

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ciao for now


  1. Hey Sue - what a fabulous addition to the yard. Your dinner sounds delish and what beautiful posies. And look at Miss go girl. :)

  2. I'd "sell" lots of things if the payment was as described. What a fabulous meal from the starter to the mains to the dessert. And a visit with Miss D & her mom? Icing on the delicious cheesecake! So glad you two can use our much loved canopy!

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  5. Great project for those sunny spots! Miss D is could you not want to spend time with that face! XOXO