Thursday, 26 March 2015

A Visit to the Mouse House

Spent a absolutely fabulous morning and afternoon with Deb from Just Cats  and her retired guy.
They treated us to a great breakfast at Hard Stone's Grill in Manotick ( Ontario)
After lots of coffee and homemade everythings we headed to the Mouse House by way of
Bakker's General Store

WOW!!!  Lots of Dutchness ---- Need licorice? This is the place.  Did I get some? Nope --- my bad.
Deb has so many stories of walking to this sweet lil store while staying with her grandmother.
Deb and Gary have built and are going to build a house on the property her grandmother lived on.

She has many many memories..  They are fantastic to listen to.
Check her blog for updates.
Her critters seem pretty settled altho there is a fight for dominance between Annie and Sierra....

Audrey ----- she don't give a f*** !

And Kane  ---- he's just happy to have a comfy bed in the kitchen.

It is a lovely little place and Deb has it decorated very cheery.

Lots of sunshine flows in the windows.
With it being 600 sq feet it takes no time to clean it .... YAY!!
Gary has his big garage/workshop.

Here is the famous tractor.
All ready to get going .....

And the pump for the original well.
Deb tells me it still works!!
Isn't that awesome....
We will be visiting again soon.
Altho I miss our walks and gab fests I am so happy for Deb and Gary.
And look forward to seeing the progress.....

---ciao from

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  1. Ha! Susan, you know my Audrey. :)) Yes, still a work in progress here, especially the sitting area but it will be all done soon. As soon as it warms enough it is siding time. We so enjoyed having you visit and look forward to the next one. Bring your rubber boots...we'll go for a walk. :) Hugs