Thursday, 5 March 2015

Weekend in T.O

We packed up our little lady last Friday and headed to Toronto (Ajax - to be specfic) to see my friends Mandi and Heather and to meet Mandi's new daughter, Gabrielle. My my is she perfect! 

We call these weekends KFB Weekends. We have one every 3-5 months depending on our schedules. KFB stands for Kentucky Fried Baby. Without wanting to explain in detail and making us look too insane this whole thing started in university...we were a little insane back then.

Our weekends used to consist of getting dressed up and going out! As you can see it has changed. A lot. But I love our new dynamic. Above is Mandi, my daughter Daphne and her new daughter Gabrielle.

They will be best day!

We spent the weekend touching babies...almost exclusively. 

Okay...there my have been some wine...and our traditional jell-o shots. We used to make 2 full trays and put them all down. Now that 2 of us have to get up with babies there are a lot less jell-o shot and a lot more water and responsible choices.

 Below is Heather, the third part of KFB. She enjoys playing with our girls and enjoys even more that she isn't responsible for diaper changes.

And me...holding Gabrielle....kinda wanting another little one...omg so small!!!

I'm also kind of embarrassed about this but Mandi had her baby shower on the Sunday we came home. I didn't get a single picture. In fact, I brought my real camera with me and was so busy I only snapped these few on my phone. 

We had a 5 hour drive so we couldn't stay the whole time but we did stay for the games, food and presents. Her mom put together a rubber duck theme. Her house was literally polluted with ducks. I believe they counted 160ish total. We got to take 2 home as gifts as well as some little candies and some glass jars that will work perfectly for my herbs!

I always look forward to our weekends. I've known these girls for 11 years and they are my spirit animals. Hopefully they will be able to make it down my way for Daphne's first birthday!

Hope you all had an excellent weekend!

--Siobhan xo

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  1. What a couple of beautiful babies. How wonderful that you could get them together.