Monday, 16 March 2015

Sucking the P's

 I finally got around to trying these little toys I was given at my baby shower. They have a little net area to put cold/frozen food for the little lady to chew on.

Oh man, did she chew on it. I already have purees of peas and carrots frozen into ice cubes so I put a cube of peas in there to test it out.

She was smart enough to know when she picked it up which end was the cold yummy part.

She loved it! Must have felt great on the gums. And she was covered in green pea water...adorable and gross.

My only complaint: the net area is about the size of 2 large ice cubes but the opening is plastic and only large enough for one medium cube. Annoying. 

I have been informed that banana is quite the m-fer to clean out of the net but otherwise I think this will be a great way to soothe her gums and get some healthy veggies in her!



  1. Great idea. That looks like a neat thing to have. i remember having something like that when my daughter was little - years and years ago.