Saturday, 21 March 2015

my baby has FOMO!!!

My daughter was born with a pretty serious condition. It's incurable and seems to get worse with time.

You see, Daphne has FOMO (fear of missing out) and it's pretty serious.

She will fight sleep until her eyes are puffy and red but will insist she still wants to play.

It's getting worse the older she gets. Now that she can sit on her own and scoot around a little on her tush HEAVEN FORBID she misses out on a second.

The only naps she likes taking include a mom shaped bed and a maximum 30 minutes shut eye.

I'm looking forward to the snow melting. I'm thinking the best medicine for FOMO may be some fresh air and sunshine!

Mommy could use some of that as well.

-- Siobhan

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  1. I had one of those! Your granddaughter is adorable, XOXO