Monday, 9 March 2015

Hola Part Uno

HB and I are just back from 15 days in glorious sunshine and heat.
Panama is a beautiful country and we enjoyed every bit of it.
The only suggestions I have for anyone wanting to go is take lots of cash --- ATM's are few and far between --- and learn some Spanish. By the time we left we were able to understand and somewhat get our points through but there were some instances I thought my mime skills were being put to a test. It is THEIR country and it is respectful to at least give it a try.
It has inspired us to learn more for the next time we visit a Spanish speaking country.

We spent the first few days in Panama City.

Walking the streets and visiting the Old Town.
So many old building and beautiful architecture.
of course there was lots of shopping but for some reason I didn't buy a whole lot.
I did get some Panamanian turbinado sugar.

I think Panamanians like their cats there were cats everywhere and pics of cats on walls.

There was graffiti on one wall of a face of a cat with "el gato volvio"
I looked it up on my handy dandy translator app.
Loosely translated  "the cat came back"
Hey has Fred Penner been in Panama!!

There was hiking.
So many beautiful birds and HB surpassed 1200 for his lifetime count.

Off to the mountains in Santa Fe......

Not too much here but a wonderfully quiet reflective spot.

Restaurants were few and by few I mean 3 and one was not open the two days we were there.
One served chicken with rice or chicken and potatoes.
The other had a bit more variety so we ate there the 3 suppers we had.
Lots of cervezas  (Balboa por favor) and lots of red wine balanced (kind of) the deep fried almost everything and the salt.
Boy oh boy do Panamanians L-O-V-E their salt.

But breakfast at our B and B was delicious 
 ---- so many fresh fruits, homemade banana bread, scrambled eggs, and lots of coffee.

Stay tuned for part Dos....... THE RESORT!!


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  1. Great photos, Sue. So I take it you didn't bring home a cat in your suitcase. :) Looking forward to more.